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A.C. Virden, author of the Flower Child saga, has spent most of her adult life as a web developer while daydreaming of life as an author, baker and, on occasion, a torch singer. She lives in Arizona on five acres with her husband, two horses, and feisty cat.

Her Books

She first started writing Flower Child back in 2009. But, lacking the courage to do anything with it, the book just sat, fully written, on her hard drive for many years. Finally, inspired by her co-worker and self-published author Neil Tyree (Exit of the Ascended) , she decided to take a chance and publish her work. She set out in late 2015 to "dust off" her book, read it over and finally put it out there for friends, family, and the world to (hopefully) enjoy.

Flower Child is first in a series of what Ms. Virden envisions to be four books total. The second book, Full Bloom, was released in May 2016, with the third book, Song Bird to be released sometime in early 2017. The fourth book, tentatively named Serenity will tie up the series.

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