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Young Adult - Fiction

Flower Child

Eighteen year old Breanna Kinsley discovers at a very young age that she's... different. She's afraid that her abilities with nature will label her a "freak" if anyone finds out. One tiny accident, a momentary distraction, could cost her something she wants so dearly - a soulmate. But if her family and friends discover her secret, will she lose them too?

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Full Bllom

Breanna discovers there is more to Sebastian's past than he's led her to believe. But, is it too much for her to bear? Just when she thinks she's learned all his secrets, another one unfolds. At what point will she decide enough is enough?

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Song Bird

Though her life seemed like a fairytale, Breanna discovers that not all endings are happy. One person's life came to a sudden end and those that were spared have been changed forever.

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